Operating cryptocurrency mining and enterprise hashing power solutions since 2016 we are located in the USA and led by a strong Executive Team with expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency.  The Teraport Mining Ecosystem (TME) combines a number of emergent complementary crypto mining technologies that feed off each other to maximize profitability and allows us to operate at scale.  

We plan to be a leader in socially responsible cryptocurrency mining while dealing with the energy consumption problem that bitcoin and other proof-of-work cryptocurrencies have created head-on. Many publications have forecast that energy consumption of the bitcoin blockchain alone could reach the total yearly energy production of a small country as soon as 2020. We are focused on being a part of the solution by looking to build our entire global hashing power and crypto mining solutions using green energy. 

We are believers in the potential of bitcoin and ethereum and their corresponding blockchains and feel they will play a key role in helping to shape our future.

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