Modern Electronic Copyright Timestamping

Phase#1 - Use the power of blockchain technology to protect your rights

Created for virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video content creators

PhaseRight VR copyright time-stamping is a technique created to track the time and date of filing and authenticity of a virtual reality, augmented reality or 360 video content piece.  You can now prove that your content exists at a certain moment of time. As we use the blockchain to store the document proof, you can certify the existence of your document without the need of a central authority. You are also provided a registration certificate with cryptographic evidence that proves you are the rights holder.

Imagine a system that when built out (Q3 2017) will give content creators total control over setting usage policies for their work and could pay them instantaneously when their content is watched.  We are determined to eliminate the need for artists to have to continue using the monopolistic and obfuscated distribution platforms that exist today. 

Part of the underlying technology behind Blockphase's PhaseRight VR relies upon the blockchain, a decentralized distributed ledger system. Blockchain ledgers are distributed across multiple nodes and each node is updated with a new copy of the ledger each time a new transaction is recorded on the ledger. This distributed nature makes the ledger highly immutable, or more difficult to change over the course of time, as new transaction blocks are added to the blockchain. This leads to transactions which can be highly verifiable and significantly reduces the chances that a malicious hacker could alter the ledger for deceitful purposes.

Authorities around the world are increasingly accepting the superiority of transactions recorded on Blockchain ledgers.