changE your PERSPECTIVE on industries and ecosystems with THE Blockchain

Blockphase technology works with the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains and is currently being used to create permanent, transparent ledgers for businesses such as: storing rights data, tracking digital use, smart contracts, creative artist loyalty programs, decentralized reputation platforms and we're just getting started!

Imagine the ability to transfer digital assets, settle transactions, authenticate identity, transparently vote, store public records, titles, and contracts, and give IOT devices identity and the ability to micro-transact resources, without any middlemen. There are thousands of use cases for blockchain technology and we have only begun to harness and unleash its full potential.

As Johnston says in Johnston’s Law: "Everything that can be decentralized, will be decentralized."

Whether you want to start with one of our pre-built 'shells' or create a custom blockchain application from scratch, we have the talent, knowledge and creativity to deliver your vision.

Meet Smart Contracts via Ethereum


    • Contracts execute logic with minimal outside intervention, without requiring a central authority

    • Confidently predict the result of a smart contract's execution, based on the intrinsic inputs and criteria

    • Network participants can confirm that the smart contract performed exactly as intended

blockphase's initial BLOCKCHAIN OVERVIEW:

The idea behind a blockchain is fairly straight forward. When used in a cryptocurrency, rather than storing all of the data needed to complete a transaction in a central location, such as a bank, a blockchain puts all of the information in a public and cryptographically-protected database.

Basically, as transactions are made, they are recorded into blocks. Those blocks are then added to the chain, thus the name blockchain, and the entire blockchain uses cryptography to ensure that all the records remain unaltered. The chain is distributed to all of the other computers on the network, meaning that everyone has a copy they can independently verify.

This means that, if you wanted to alter the blockchain, not only would you have to defeat the protections on the chain, but also convince a majority of the computers on the network that your version was authentic.

What this does is provide a high degree of trust without a central authority. Since no one person keeps the record, there’s no bank or credit card company to hack.

However, while blockchain is most widely used with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, there’s no reason the technology can’t be used to store other data as it is completely data agnostic.

As a result, we at Blockphase are now seizing upon this blockchain technology to verify ownership of content rather than transactions and accounts.

The idea is simple, rather than collecting information about the creator and their work and storing it in a centralized database, turn that database into a blockchain and decentralize it for all to use and search.

The approach certainly has a great deal of appeal and has many advantages over more centralized systems that have piqued the interest of many artists and content creators.