The World's First VR/AR Coin


Content Coin is the world’s first crypto coin
for the $2.5billion VR/AR Content and Software Industry

There are a lot of challenges and limitations with current payment solutions and platforms in the VR/AR content industry. We will provide VR/AR content creators specific solutions to make their work more secure, while ensuring the payments received are more equitable and seamless. We will offer the VR/AR content consumer ways to pay less for content then they are now, and get more in return.

Our entire platform is built by people who believe that as technology advances so should our systems and processes.  Content Coin will allow VR/AR content creators ways to continuously earn so their revenues are no longer only tied to pieces created and sold and VR/AR consumers will finally be incentivized to participate in a platform that they help to build and make great

Having a cryptocurrency for VR & AR makes the most sense as it provides stability and security on such an untested platform. Additionally, this can help the general public adopt and accept the idea of a protected form of payment that’s already made for the future.
— KJ KIM Senior Editor VR & FUN

Keep it Simple!

100% frictionless buyer experience. Consumers will not be distracted by tons of annoying steps.

Purchasing Power

Consumers will be incentivized to use Content Coin (CTENT) to purchase digital content, providing consumers additional value with their purchases.

Support what Matters

Our platform offers you the ability to support the artists you want without giving a huge % to App Stores or your eyeballs for free hubs to monetize by showing you tons of ads.

Earn Endless Rewards

You can finally participate in a system that guarantees you will earn rewards for every active account you refer to our platform, every piece of content you purchase, every review you write, every vote you cast and so much more. If you have an action we probably have a Content Coin reward for it!