October 31, 2017 MARKED the 9th anniversary of Bitcoin's introduction to the world, and there is still no consensus to be made on how to regulate the cryptocurrency industry




There is no need for expensive overhead or trying to assemble a team of people with enough combined knowledge to understand how blockchain, cryptocurrency and all things DLT operate. Blockphase already monitors the majority of the ecosystem on a daily basis to assess how active businesses are operating based on their existing industry offerings and how new entrants are conducting themselves.  

Publicly Traded Companies are harming their sharehodler's and damaging us all if they feel they can simply add 'blockchain' to their company name or announce a pivot into blockchain and no one questions them or hodls them accountable to even attempt to deliver... Yet their stock prices have in some cases gone up 80%, 90% or even 100%.  It is hard to see how once again investors won't be left hodling the bag. 

ICOs raised over $5.5 billion last year from over 400 different offerings.  Approximately 25% of the funds raised were done by 10 projects and early in the year before ICOs began appearing absolutely everywhere. Without any-type of monitoring or oversight in place there will be little to no long-term incentivisation of a founding team to deliver as most ICOs provide them their money upfront. This is may quickly become the scourge of the entire blockchain, crypto and DLT ecosystem as ICO promotional tactics become even more aggressive as they target people who are not investors and most commonly don't have money to lose. A majority of the ICO participants are driven by FOMO with misleading stories and promises of #lambo and ICO operators know this.



  • Assessment of Publicly Traded Companies entering into or promoting a pivot toward implementing blockchain tech

  • ICOs/TokenSale Risk Analysis

  • ICOs/TokenSale Continual Monitoring

  • Whitepaper Review

  • KYC Compliance

  • Enhanced Due Diligence 

  • Ongoing Social Media and Online Promotional Audit(s)

  • and more...